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     When teeth are in good condition but are darker than desired, whitening is the answer. Discolored teeth, whether natural or stained, can be quickly and easily restored to beauty with various whitening techniques. Cosmetic tooth whitening, or "bleaching" teeth can be performed in our office or at home.
In-Office Tooth Whitening in about an Hour!
The Zoom!? In-Office Whitening System is one of the most effective tooth whitening systems available. Zoom! is safe, fast and convenient. Whitening Gel is carefully applied to the teeth and treated with a special whitening lamp. This advanced cosmetic procedure uses a combination of lighting and hydrogen peroxide-based bleach to whiten teeth —by six to 10 shades— in about an hour!
At-Home Tooth Whitening with a Bleaching Tray
This procedure involves taking an impression of your teeth and fabricating a bleaching tray. Once this is complete, the home bleach, the tray and the instructions for use are given. Whitening occurs when you wear the tray with the bleach on your teeth for a few hours a day. Consecutive days are often needed to get the desired shade over the entire tooth. The at-home tooth whitening procedure is very safe and effective.
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